Laumas 3 Back
   Proudly wearing our new Laumas shirts! Abacus is the official Laumas agents in Southern Africa. Please contact us to place your order.

Laumas Agents

Abacus has received its first kit that demonstrates the use of Laumas products. The kit uses a jack system to demonstrate one of Laumas’ unique products, the FUN load cell, that measures the tension in a cable to calculate the load.

Laumas Demo Kit

Abacus is well on its way to complete 9 rubber tyred gantry crane upgrades before the mad Christmas rush. The cranes are being upgraded from old Siemens Masterdrives to new Sinamics S120 drive systems. The upgrade was necessary due to the unavailability of spares and the unreliability of the old […]

Helping Transnet gear up for Christmas

Abacus designed a multi product dosing system, using Lamas TLB4 and S7 1200 PLC on profinet communication, for a customer. The first of 4 panels, ready to be shipped.

Dosing System

Here’s to building stronger ties with Laumas! Nico Erasmus from Abacus (center in photo) receives a traditional green Laumas tie after training and negotiations at Laumas headquarters in Italy last week.      

Stronger ties with Laumas

Old extruder
After a decade of solid performance, a customer requested Abacus to re-upgrade their plastic extrusion line and include additional features. The photos show a section of the 5 tier panel that was replaced: Before (left) and after (right).

Re-upgrade after 10 years!

    A warm welcome to new technical team members Andrew and Brandon, who recently joined the Abacus staff. We are looking forward to a long and happy relationship.

Our new team members

Jerry Stevens
It is with sadness that we share the news of the loss of one of Abacus’ shareholders, Mr. Jerry Stevens, who passed away over the Easter weekend. Our prayers go out to his family during this difficult time.

Sad News