Van Schellebeck Crane Consulting partners with Abacus

Abacus has entered into a joint venture with Van Schellebeck Crane Consulting to pursue crane business in Africa and beyond.

Hedley Van Schellebeck, owner of Van Schellebeck Crane Consulting, has extensive crane experience having worked for ZPMC Cranes for over 8 years.

His experience includes installing new cranes, refurbishing cranes, moving cranes, repairing cranes, maintaining cranes and just about anything to do with cranes.

Hedley speaks Chinese, English, French and bits of several African languages. Hedley has worked in Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory coast, Congo, South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius, Kenya, Cameroon and Djibouti.

Abacus had crossed paths with Hedley over the years but formed a relationship while working in Djibouti in 2018.

It was during several visits to Djibouti that we benefited from his hidden passion and talent for the culinary arts. Hedley is as at home in the kitchen as he is climbing 80 meters above the ground on a crane.

Cranes employ some of the most advanced technology and in the pursuit of a greener world this technology is taking a new leap. Abacus has placed itself at the cutting edge of this technology and innovation. Our combined strengths should lead to success in combating the unique challenges of Africa.