SCADA Systems

SCADA systems must provide the plant or machine controller with clear graphics, data and alarms to enable effective supervision and rapid problem identification.

SCADA systems with a control element from the SCADA or critical data monitoring, need to ensure that the connection to the process PLC’s are actively monitored and if possible some level of redundancy incorporated at the connection, hardware and software level.

WinCC Flexible is a low cost SCADA system that is proving to be very popular. While it may not have the high end functionality of its big brother WinCC, it is not short of capability. With built in scripting, HTML, ActiveX and database functionality the skilled user is able to perform high end tasks. We have successfully replaced purpose written legacy systems with WinCC Flexible. By using a standard SCADA platform with open source scripting within the package, the serviceability of the application remains uncompromised while the functionality is limited only by our imagination and innovation skills.

It is important to use proven solid hardware platforms for the computer. A more established lower performance computer is often a better choice than the latest high end processor. We are agents for Siemens Fujitsu computers, which is a hardware platform frequently used for WinCC SCADA systems. The Simatic range of industrial PC’s and Multi Touch Panels is the best choice when the SCADA is to be on the plant floor or attached to a machine.

Our in-house skills have resulted in us winning the best WinCC SCADA Project at the annual Siemens User Forum 2008.