Training Program

Abacus Automation has recognized the threat to the industry in South Africa due to the lack of skilled technicians and engineers. In cooperation with local industry a training center is being established to fast track trainees who show the aptitude and potential so that they can be fed into industry to service the more complex machinery with PLC’s and drives. These trainees are sourced from a number of different training institutions and after successfully completing the 6 month training program are employed into industry as trainee service technicians.

Applications are welcome from anyone with a basic technical / computer background. An assessment test must be completed before being considered for the program.

Training Courses

Basic PLC and Drives training and application training is offered as a service to our customers. Our courses are given by highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers who have both experience in the field as well as training.

Courses include:

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S5 Basic
S5 Intermediate
S5 Advanced
S5 Application Training
S7200 Basic
S7200 Intermediate
S7200 Advanced
S7200 Application Training
S7300 Basic
S7300 Intermediate
S7300 Advanced
S7300 Application Training

Micromaster 440 / Sinamics G110 Basic
Micromaster 440 / Sinamics G110 Application

MasterDrive VC  Basic
MasterDrive MC Basic
MasterDrive VC  Advanced
MasterDrive MC Advanced
MasterDrive VC  Application
MasterDrive MC Application