Control Systems

The choice of control system for an application or plant will be driven by many factors. Abacus Automation has extensive experience with PLC and Drive controllers from most manufacturers but as specialists with the Siemens Simatic range of PLC’s and Drives we are well placed to advise on the best Siemens control solution for your application.

Serviceability and ease of use of the hardware and software is often a major criteria in situations where skilled engineers are not employed by the customer. Cost of parts, ease of maintenance and availability of spares is a large part of serviceability.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide high performance solutions which are cost effective, have ease of use and use hardware and software platforms that have been kept as basic as possible. It is this approach that has resulted in numerous accolades for our innovation.

The Simatic S7 range of controllers, the Simatic HMI range of operator interfaces and software as well as the Sinamics, Masterdrive and Micromaster range of variable speed drives for induction and servo motors, have served us well in over 300 projects.

Motion control is a specialised field in which we have a large amount of in house expertise. From the smallest simple single axis speed, position or torque control application through to multiple axis servo systems involving synchronisation or tension control, we have solutions which are cost effective, high performance and serviceable.

A healthy debate will often happen between our PLC engineers and our Drive engineers over the best location for a particular section of control and consequently the choice of hardware platforms. This ensures the customer is the winner at the end of the day with the best combination of high performance and serviceability.

Having pushed the boundaries of many of Siemens components we know both their strengths and limitations and are well placed to get the best value for money out of the products.